Volmaster FX API

The API is an all-purpose entry point into the data and functionalities of Volmaster platform. It is implemented as a background service, running on a local server and provides secure and authenticated connectivity towards the server-side of the solution. The API can work on-line (via authentication) or off-line (via license key), depending on user cases.

The API exposes a SOAP interface to the customer's organization and can be invoked programmatically by other applications consuming web services.

The services can be accessed in all deployment scenarios, including the SaaS business model. Standard functionalities offered by the API include:

Furthermore, the API can be fully customized, on demand.


Case-Study: Enhance in-house systems

For organizations that are bound to existing in-house systems, Volmaster API offers the opportunity to access our pricing libraries. Due to the sheer performance and high accuracy of our technology, even legacy systems can be enhanced and enjoy a performance boost as long as a migration into the cutting-edge SLV and SLV+J pricing models.

Thanks to a context-aware infrastructure, Volmaster API minimizes the overhead and optimizes the performance. Thanks to our breakthrough innovations, (up to 1000x performance), Volmaster API can revalue derivatives at unrivalled speed on standard hardware. This also translates into a significant cost saving, in so far a costly grid computing infrastructure is not required.


Case-Study: Tickets Integration

Volmaster API acts as a bridge towards other downstream systems by providing all relevant tickets information for further processing. Source data (such as counterparties, books, brokerage, custom fields, permissioning, uesrs, etc.) are automatically synchronized and mapped. Strong authentication and encryption technologies (enforcing of hardware ID's, at-rest encryption, etc.) provide the highest standards of security.

Volmaster API facilitates the integration of our platform into an existing IT portfolio.


Request more information

Please contact us for further information about Volmaster FX API:  info@volmaster.com



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