A Flexible and Modular Platform

Volmaster platform is extremely flexible and can be deployed in a number of ways, depending the requirements of each organization. Since the platform is built modularily around the latest communication technologies, all server-side modules can work both internally or externally while providing a high level of security in the transit and hosting of information. This flexibility in turn enables a number of alternative deployment and business-model scenarios.

Such technologies are also embedded in Volmaster API, which provides an entry point into the platform for third-party or in-house systems.


Main Deployment Scenarios


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)






Local Installation



Hybrid / Cloud Hosted / Virtualized / Custom



Volmaster API

Volmaster API is a soap-based service providing a secure and authenticated entry point into the platform functionalities. Typical usage of the API include tickets integration (both pull or push), access to smile and pricing libraries, access to calibration libraries.

The API Service can be deployed in all scenarios (including SaaS) and can be customized to offer any required functionality.


Request more information

Please contact us for further information about deployment scenarion of the Volmaster FX platform:  info@volmaster.com



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