Volmaster FX Traffic/Rfq system

The traffic/rfq feature can be used in a number of scenarios:

The Traffic/rfq feature creates a real-time interaction among traders and salespeople. A local administrator is empowered with defining the rules and regulations governing whether a deal is directly tradable by salespeople, tradable only subject to a request to traders (Rfq) or not tradable at all (out of mandate). Rules are based on a number of parameters, including advanced risk measures (such as VAR and discontinuity risk).



Traders are in full control of the tradability status of each curreny pair and the traffic through overviews of traffic status and a deal blotter.



Pricing requests are handled with an intuitive, yet very advanced interface. Pricing parameters (as opposed to option prices) are passed back and enforced to salespeople. This approach allows salespeople to reprice a deal in real-time on a changing spot reference, without being bound to a fixed spot level. Furthermore, Volmaster uniquely allows a repricing of structures with 'solver on' in real-time.


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Please contact us for further information about Volmaster FX traffic/rfq features:  info@volmaster.com





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