Extension of Traffic/Rfq to external counterparties via white-labelling.


It is now possible to use Volmaster to offer a complete single-name trading platform to external customers, as the system now supports:

 • Customization of white-labelling, including logos and pre-confirmations

 • Mapping of external legal entities as counterparties

 • Assigning granular rights and permissions to external users

 • Displaying the pricing forms from a market-taker point of view for an external user

 • Managing the external user – Trader RFQ interaction

• Consuming the deal with real-time calculation on a changing spot

• Producing pre-confirmations

• Booking the deal (from the bank’s point of view), STP via Volmaster API

• Verifying all activity in blotters


Of particular note is the fact that an external user consuming an RFQ will have a real-time recalculation on a moving spot. This takes place both in Single-Leg and Multi-Leg, for vanillas and all exotics up to and including 1st gen exotics (priced in SLV), even with solver-on.


Such interaction is planned to be extended to cover also 2nd gen exotics and more in general any custom instrument (defined via our payoff-scripting technology) in Q1-24.




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